Mexico Photo Album

Joy and Isai Joy and I lived with different families in Mexico. This is Joy with her brother, Isai.

Joy clowning around Joy clowning around. Each show, besides being entertaining, included the good news of Jesus.

      and Señor PecadoJóse, my Mexican brother, and I talking after a clown show. I played Señor Pecado, the personification of sin.

Isai and I at Chapultepec
      Zoo I think Isai (on my shoulders) was a little scared of the reptiles. He really liked the monkeys at the Chapultepec zoo, though.

Joy and I on the pyramid
      of the moon One of the biggest tourist sites in Mexico is the Pyramid of the Sun.

Central tower in the Castillo
      de Chapultepec Joy and I visited the Castillo de Chapultepec the last day in Mexico.

Joy and April say goodbye to
      their family Joy and April say goodbye to their family.

Adam and I say goodbye to Jose Adam and I say goodbye to Jose.

Jon Ericson
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