Date: Sat, 21 Jul 2001 17:14:20 -0700 (PDT)
From: Joy McMasters <>
Subject: Saludos de México (6)

First, I want you to know that my cold has finally left me for the second time. Now, for the events of the past week:

Last Saturday: I went to Xochimilco (Mexico´s version of Venice, Italy) with my team in the morning and had a great time relaxing while we were conducted through the canals. We shopped in a market by the embarcadero (dock) in the afternoon and I bought a beautiful lace tablecloth with a cala lily pattern for only 80 pesos (a little over $8). In the evening we gave an evangelism workshop and went out to talk to people in the neighborhood. I talked with some of the saddest teens I have ever met. They were so apathetic that I don´t think they would have cared if they died that evening, and they cared even less about where they might go when they die. One, Saul, is a Satan worshiper I think and as the three of us talked to him I began to wonder if he was possessed or something. His eyes were so vacantly dark.

Sunday: The famous Pastor Tilopillo (the voice of John MacArthur on Spanish radio) preached at our church because he was in town for a conference he was leading. He was a good enough preacher, but I don´t think I was as impressed as all the hermanos at church. In the afternoon, we went to Coyocan with some of the young people from church and had fun despite all the New Age hippies.

Monday: I traveled out to Jon´s church to watch his team´s clown show, meet his family (how many girls get to meet their boyfriend´s family for the first time twice), and climb "The Mountain" with them. The path up was kinda hard but had enough rocks to get a sure footing. The main challenge was getting enough air since my chest was still full of phlegm. Let´s just say that on the way down the ground kept moving out from under me and I went down the longest sand slide in the world. I was black with dirt when we reached the bottom, and Jon was giggling because he was having so much fun at the expense of my personal hygiene.

Tuesday: I got to talk with a few of our students about Jesus and the Bible before English Class, and that was a great encouragement since so many of our other students are from the church. I also got to eat a chocolate-covered popsicle for the first time in weeks, and that was a great treat. I borrowed Shadow of the Almighty from the Spearhead library and have enjoyed reading about Jim Elliot´s life in his own words.

Wednesday: I took my final exam for Spanish class. Not much else exciting happened that I can remember.

Thursday: We had a party to celebrate the end of Spanish classes. That night after it stopped raining, I washed my clothes outside at night for the first time. They finally dried today after getting wet again yesterday. I can´t wait to use my parents´ washing machine again.

Friday: We went to the water park at Oaxtepec an hour south of the city. I got to relax without getting a sun burn (I think Jon avoided one too). The drive though the mountains was gorgeous as always.

Saturday (today): We had a clown show again this morning and it went great. Even though we hadn´t practiced in two weeks, I think our performance was better. The location was much better, and the children were very receptive.


Prayer requests:

Thank you again for all of your support, especially through encouragement and prayer. I took three rolls of film to be developed today and I look forward to using the photos to share about my trip with you.

Jon Ericson
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