Originally published on Steam

Why someone might do it, I have no idea. Thirty Flights of Loving is a videogame immitation of French New Wave cinema. Along with Gravity Bone (which is included) the experience takes about half an hour—far less time than an artsy movie. Emotionally, it carries a similar impact perhaps because you are an actor in the piece. While there is no danger of making a wrong choice, there is a sense of peril. Even though it is impossible to explore the characters, there's an impression of romance and friendship. A simple plot is complicated by a trick of chronological confusion, but I still feel it has added meaning somehow.

On the whole, this is a game you play in order to think, talk and write about later. It probably deserves a replay after you've had time to contemplate. (I haven't done that yet.) In addition, I'm looking forward to the commentary option. If you are into that sort of thing, there are far worse things to spend your money on.