Originally published on Steam

The conceit of the game is that you are running a gun store in a zombie apocalypse. That's a fine setup, but the execution is just a mess. The core of the game is buying guns at a low price and selling at a high price. Setting the price you want to offer is a fiddly mouse wheel (?!) adjustment. Then you play a minigame where you try to stop a spinning arrow within a colored area of a circle. The further away from the base price you've bid, the harder the minigame. It's not a very fun game and it really makes no sense in the game's fiction. It's just a system to add skill (of a sort) to negotiations. If you fail the game too many times, the other party leaves unhappy.

As you buy guns, you ought to place one of them under your pillow for the inevitable zombie invasion. Unfortunately, it's difficult to tell which slot is your pillow. When the zombies come, I seem to have used the least effective gun available. At first, I assumed I'd control the shooter, but it seems to be automatic. In any case, I have yet to survive an invasion.

In the end, the mechanics kill this game. The concept is not nearly interesting enough to endure a tiresome minigame and counterintuitive interfaces. I'd skip this one.