Originally published on Steam

Clash (sorry, CLASH) is a third-person, multiplayer shooter with a leveling scheme. Unfortunately, there aren't a ton of active users, so the game depends on bot competition. Fights with bots tend to be a matter of deciding whether to stand facing each other and chip away at their shields or run away if your own shields are failing. This doesn't seem like the right way to play, but I'm having a hard time figuring out the skill system. For some reason, I can only use each skill once. I must be missing something.

The maps are more interesting than they first appear. It took awhile to figure it out, but holding the jump button (spacebar) activates a limited rocket jump ability. So the key to many of the maps is learning to jump up buildings or rock formations. That will let you attack from above and avoid being ambushed yourself. I'm guessing there are skills to be learned to improve jump height, but I haven't figured them out. More jumping would be great!

I'm recommending this on the strength of being a free game that's still actively being developed. Would be improved with more players and less confusing leveling interface.

Original review invalidated by developer fix:

As far as I can tell, this game doesn't support inverting the Y-axis for mouse aiming. Which means when I try to line up a headshot, I'm quicking aiming straight up in the air or at my (non-existant) virtual boots. What little I played before giving up seemed interesting. But I can't reprogram my brain. Sorry!