Originally published on Steam

To be clear, there's not a lot of game here. It reminds me of Myst without the puzzles or FMV. And that's a very good thing. There's a mysterious place for you to explore without having Myst's distractions. You can tell from the screenshots more or less what the place looks like, but the static image misses a stately dynamism. Better to wander through the world and experience it directly.

There are 14 objects to find and achievements to associated with each. I found most of them in about 45 minutes and the last three when I came back to the game a few months later. Unfortunately, the gimmick of the game makes this task annoying.

Spoiler An approaching comet is about to destroy the world.

It results in a limited time period to explore before you are reset to the starting point. Fortunately, you begin in a central place, which minimizes travel after a reset, but the immediate area gets old quick.

Movement through the environment is very floaty and feels faster than a run. This seems to be the result of a time distortion that causes time to pass slower for other objects than it does for you. It's an eerie effect. For instance, a statue falls apart in an arthouse film manner as you wander around the area. Meanwhile, the lighting changes over time as does the music when you approach an object.

There are a few bits of text (once you touch an object), but they aren't as interesting as the world they are trying to augment. It's clear that these things were placed here for some purpose and the builders have left. We don't need to know more than that. I suspect the Anizasi would be a letdown if we knew them well enough.

For what you get, it might be a bit pricy unless it goes on sale. Certainly worth the time.