Originally published on Steam

Tank Battle: North Africa is nearly the same game as Tank Battle: 1944. For details on the rather straightforward wargame system, see my review of the previous game . Obviously the big difference is the desert setting and the necessary addition of British units. The missions also seem to have more variations. For instance, instead of simply taking a victory point, you might be expected to take it and defend it for 10 more turns. I haven't come close to completing all the missions in both games, so I don't know for sure, but these missions seem harder and more interesting.

As with TB:1944, the scenarios are not in any way historical. Instead these are encounters between two evenly matched armies on carefully crafted terrain. For a beer and pretzels game, the Tank Battle series does require thought and planning to play well. This is a tribute to the the map design and the AI.

Given the choice between this release and the previous title, I'd recommend North Africa as a more varied and engaging experience.