Originally published on Steam

Effective humor depends on timing. When you tell a good joke, the punchline arrives unexpectedly. Therefore, it's a bit hard to make jokes in games where the player's decisions change the flow of the setup. So interactive fiction could be a good way to deliver kitchen appliance double entendre. Unfortunately, this particular game is too wordy by half and the jokes get old before they are wrapped up. Then there's a really dumbed-down game vaguely reminiscent of Burgertime. Some of the jokes (the toaster and knife) are kinda clever, but there too many empty words so the jokes get old.

I decided to get all the achievements, which wasn't a good use of time. (I had a movie running on another screen since the game is mindless.) Unfortunately, the spacebar skips the dialog and also selects an option. So you gotta be a bit careful if you don't want just pick the default option. There's only one save, so you gotta do some planning to get each ending. It's the closest you get gameplay, so that's something.

I was a bit worried the game would go pornographic. The text is super suggestive and there's a final image with the male protagonist, er, player character with a bare chest for each ending. If the writer had just gotten out of the way of the jokes, I probably would recommend the experience for people who like off-the-wall humor of a sexual nature. That was not to be.