(Originally published on meta Stack Exchange by Jon Ericson.)

Welcome to the second episode of Unicorn Meta Zoo, a brand new podcast by members of the Stack Exchange community team. If you want to avoid spoilers, jump straight to the audio.


hairboat Juan M Jon Ericson

We're talking about moderation and how it's different on Stack Exchange than on forums.


I used YouTube to produce a raw, automated transcript of this episode. There is a wiki for transcripts, if you'd like to produce a cleaner, more coherent transcript. I'm extremely grateful for users who helped fill in most of the first episode's transcript:

  • grooveplex
  • Jeremy Banks
  • MilkyWay90


Moments before the start of this episode, Abby asked if the name of the podcast is "Meta Petting Zoo". In the heat of the moment I couldn't remember and just said yes. In reality, the name we decided on was "Unicorn Meta Zoo" based on actual unicorn petting zoos. Abby just changed to the wrong word to "meta".

At around the 18:40 mark in the recording you can hear Abby's tea slide off her tilted desk and fall on the floor. No mugs were harmed in the making of this podcast. The same can't be said of the tea.

For some reason, Juan's channel got really noisy in the beginning of the episode with my podcast editing script. I fixed the problem by making the pre-channel loudness normalization optional.

What do you think?

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