I don't expect a lot of comments on this site. If you want to interact with me, you'll need to use one of the contact options in the footer or create a GitHub issue. (I first learned of this idea from, no surprise, a Stack Overflow answer that came up in a Google search.) If you follow the link at the bottom of one of my posts and have a GitHub account, you'll be able to let me know what you think. If this system gets used (and the comments aren't junky), I'll probably do some automation to pull in comments to the page itself.

I originally used Poole to store comments, but the backend site went down recently. Switching to using issues has the pleasant side effect of elimating the external dependency. If I ever stop using GitHub to host this blog, I'll have to find another commenting solution. But that's not at all likely, I suspect.

After thinking about comments on Stack Overflow, I'm convinced that comment sections require either a bar to entry or active moderation. Since I'm not interested in moderating comments on my blog, I'm content to require people to have a GitHub account to interact publically on my posts. I don't think that's a high bar, but it should eliminate comment spam. (My old comment scheme got about as many spam comments as legitimate comments, so I was never tempted to publish comments.)

And just in case you want to comment on comments: