Originally published on Steam

I'm currently running the game and attempting to host a public game. Unfortunately, nobody else is playing the game and it appears there's no way to play the game without other players. There's also no way to back out of the wait screen without ending the game via the OS. So I haven't been able to play the game and I've gotten to know the options menu pretty well.

The volume slider is kinda funky. When starting the game, the music (royalty free Funky Chunk by Kevin MacLeod) plays at full volume. But when you go to the options menu, the slider is all the way to the left. Grabbing the slider and moving it to the right a bit turns down the volume. Putting the slider back to full left stops the music. This option is not saved, so if you don't want the music too loud, you need to do this process each time you start the game. And don't forget to do it before hitting the "Play" button as it's impossible to open the options menu after that point.

You also start off the game in fullscreen at maximum quality and resolution. If I were going to be able to play the game, that would be fine. But all I can do is wait in the game lobby forever, so I want it to be windowed.

I get that this is a game designed to be streamed for laughs. It would be a wasted pizza development effort to implement bots. But surely the developers could have allowed players to enter the gamespace without an opponent at all. Since they didn't bother to make that available, this game is not playable at this time.