Originally published on Steam

There's a level in Super Mario Galaxy where Mario runs around a maze collecting a fixed number of coins within a certain time to win. Amazeing lemons (get it?) is kinda the same thing, but with lemons instead of coins. There are a few differences, of course:

  • It's not Mario, but a first-person game.
  • There's a jump, but you can't do much more than climb a wheelbarrow.
  • Once in a while there's an orange that adds a minute to your time.
  • There are no other levels.

I didn't find any major bugs, but there's nothing at all to the game: inoffensive music, no variation to the maze from game to game, simple report when time runs out, no option to change controls, etc. I haven't tried to win yet because it's hard to imagine it would be worth the effort. There could be a decent game here, but it would need some polish and variation. Too bad.